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Nottingham and District Koi Club Year- 2018.

2018 was a great koi keeping year for the club and the following is a summary of events.
The club had a great start to the year in February with the first meeting which was the presentation of awards from the koi show the previous September. Baby champion was Jordan with his Sanke
Young Champion was Nigel and Lyn with their Sanke
Deborah and David won Adult Champion with their Kohaku
Julie won Mature Champion with her Kohaku
Julie won Grand Champion with her lovely Sanke.

In March, we had Chris from Kitsui Koi join us and he did a presentation on his experiences at the All Japan Koi Show and his trip to see breeders in Niigata. His talk on the major award winners at the show was fascinating.
Kevin, one of our members, did an interesting Bonsai talk for our April meeting. He talked about caring for bonsai and the equipment needed.
April also saw a group of club members going on a trip to visit Cuttlebrook koi. As always, we received a warm welcome and Mark showed us a great selection of fish.
The month of May saw us all bring in our microscopes to allow those less confident with them the opportunity to practice with their more knowledgeable peers around to call on for advice. It was an informative meeting.
Another member also brought in a drum filter as there were members interested in their use.
The Summer months saw us have 3 barbecues at members houses which gave everyone the opportunity to see some wonderful ponds and fish. Big thanks to Geoff and Carol, Bob, and Kevin and Georgina for hosting these events and providing some lovely food.
As usual, the koi show was in September with many members participating. As always, we saw some lovely ponds and gardens and some wonderful fish. Big thanks to everyone on the benching team and our BKKS judge Allan Tait.
The September meeting was classed as an open forum and gave members the opportunity to discuss any fish/pond related problems.
The October meeting gave members the opportunity to present their own pond builds and one member Richard gave an informative presentation on the progress of a build he was working on. Building materials were being used that other members were unfamiliar with and it was great to see the amount of interest in this. David also presented the koi entered into the show with a plan for member’s choice to be chosen at the following meeting.
The November meeting was an open forum with the opportunity to choose members choice from the show.
We all had a great time at the Christmas meal in December which was excellent and well organised by the White Hart staff. As always, it was the last meeting of the year.
It was felt that the club had a really successful koi keeping year and I am looking forward to another one.

Club Secretary.


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