Rules of the Nottingham & District Koi Keepers


1. Aims of the Nottingham & District Koi Keepers [N&DKK].

2. Membership Rules.

3. Committee Terms Refernce.

4. Closed Photographic Koi Show.

5. Loan of Books and DVD's.

1. Aim of the N&DKK.

    Promote the knowledge and understanding of keeping Koi Carp by

    regular monthly meetings, inviting speakers periodically to talk about

    different aspects of the hobby and arrange visits to other Clubs,

    Societies, Shows, Retailers and Related Organisations.

2. Membership

    The Annual Subscriptions is due at the April meeting, the fee to be

    reviewed by the committee each year.

    New mambers joining part way through the membership year may

    pay a reduced ammount with the committees agreement.

    Information, advice and assistance is offered in good faith, the N&DKK

    accept no liability for any subsequent loss or damage caused.

    Members are obliged to read and comply with the clubs rules.

3. Committee Trerms of Reference

    The committee shall be formed from the member at the Annual General

    Meeting, each post being proposed and seconded with a general show

    of hands, more than 50% in agreement.

    The committee shall comprise: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer

    as a minimum, other posts can be created as necessary with the

    committees approval.

    The committee shall meet Quarterly to discuss general business.

    The Treasurer shall provide details of the clubs accounts quarterly, or

    on request and be responsible for liaising with the nominated bank and

    Inland Revenue. All cheques to be signed by two of either the

    Chairperson, the Secretary or the Treasurer.

    The Chairperson [or a nominated deputy] shall take charge of all

    meetings, and shall exercise only a casting vote when required.

    The secretary [or a nominated deputy] is responsible for club

    correspondence, and minute taking at the quarterly meetings, and the

    Annual General Meeting.

4. Rules for entry into the Closed Photographic Koi Show.

   Open to paid up active, min attendance 3 meetings, members only.

   The maximum number of Koi is at the committees discretion.

   The committee will review the entry fee each year.

   The Judge and the Benching Team together, have the right to refuse

   a fish for judging on the grounds of the fish's ill-health. Their word is


   Members are required to catch their fish prior to the arrival of the Judge

   and the Benching Team.

   Members are responsible for the return of all trophies by the November

   (AGM) meeting.

5. Rules for the Loan of Books and DVD's.

    Books and DVD's may be loaned free of charge to paid up members.

                                           Issue 4 - 2nd Nov 2012